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The science of Iridology dates as far back as 3,000 years. It has been said that "The eyes are the windows to the soul".  Upon close observation of the iris, the markings of structure and color can be seen as a blueprint of your inheritence, reflecting your body's genetic patterns, both physical and behavioral. A deeper understanding of one's genetics is very helpful to know the best methods to take for optimum health and reaching life potential. Having an Iridology evaluation is a life changing experience!

Muscle Response Testing
Muscle Response Testing, sometimes called Applied Kinesiology is a method using your electrical system and selected muscles to assess imbalances in the body and to determine the best nutritional  approach or other modality to take.  The muscles further  provide a type of biofeedback to test the success of the  strategy. Anyone can easily learn this valuable tool for better health ! 
Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared Heat penetrates deeply (up to 1.5 ") into the body and produces a detoxifying effect.  Some examples of the  benefits provided by this type of heat are  the burning of calories, clearing of cellulite, relief of aches and pains, improvement of skin health and increased resistance to disease. The therapeutic value of Far Infrared Therapy is endless!
Our Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils from herbs, flowers, trees and other plants can be inhaled, put  in the bath, and  infused in the air for problems such as stress, pain, loss of mental clarity and focus and numerous other ailments.  The oils may also be used topically. We use them in conjunction with other therapies or they may be purchased for home use. You will enjoy the many benefits of the Young Living Oils!
Hair Mineral Analysis
Hair Mineral Analysis is a laboratory test to determine mineral levels and heavy metals in the body. Certain minerals slow down or speed up metabolism, so Metabolic Typing is included in the Analysis. Hair Mineral Analysis is reflective of storage levels of minerals over a period of time so this makes it very useful for assisting you to determine your optimal Supplemental and Nutritional program. We use Trace Elements laboratory, specializing in hair analysis exclusively and known for its accuracy and quality control. Take advantage of this scientific approach to see if your Nutritional program is right for you ! 
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